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FN® e-novation is inserting new technologies within small arms market focusing on three main areas (Small Arms Management Solutions, Aiming Solutions, Training Solutions) to support armed forces in building their readiness level and combat performances. FN® e-novation productizes fire control systems, weapon sensors and computer vision for firearms and enables new warfighter capabilities using state of the art technologies. As part of the development of the FN® e-novation product line, the embedded software and high-level software aspects are constantly increasing and are taking an important place in the products and solutions. The software suites that FN® e-novation provides to its customer needs a comprehensive and user friendly interface mainly developed in mobile applications. In addition, human factors analysis is taking an important part of the software development in the training product range. We need to understand what impacts user#s performance while training with our solution and provide intelligent tutoring to enhance his/her ability. It is mandatory to consolidate the critical knowledge related to these innovative techniques in order to reduce time to market and support the businesses by quick prototype turnaround. The #Software Developer/Human Factors Engineer# reports directly to the FN® e-novation #Computer Vision & Software Development Team Leader#. He/she acts as a technical expert in UI/UX and human factor for product development. The #Software Developer/Human Factors Engineer# understands bio-mechanical human data and have the ability to develop a comprehensive software front-end. He/she also participates in software development activities as part of the Software and Computer Vision Team. He/she also monitors partners and subcontractors on Human Factor topics in order to ensure that development is mastered and managed.


The profile is primarily a technical expert with excellent technical knowledge in the field of software
development, user experience and user interface as well as human factor analysis.
The candidate must be able to communicate easily to an internal and external audience, in English, in order to
convey his/her ideas and points of view.
* FN® e-novation products have a significant footprint in the group's subsidiaries, particularly in Finland (Noptel)
and FN America.
* Develops FN® e-novation software suites front-end
* Responsible for the definition and validation of Human Factor Analytics for FN® e-novation solutions
* Responsible for the definition and validation of User Experience for FN® e-novation solutions
* Participates in Software developments as part of Software Development and Computer Vision Team
* Develops models and algorithms for FN® e-novation products in relation to human factor analyses. These
can be developed using AI/ML algorithms
* Develops internal expertise on new products and tools related to Human Factors analysis
* Supports the program and project managers as technical expert on subjects related to software development,
user experience and human factor analysis
* Responsible for the development of data collection tools and the underlying infrastructure and structure of
data to support his/her analyses
* Works in close collaboration with subsidiaries and partners to develop a coherent hardware/embedded
software/high-level software/AI package to achieve the desired goal
* Actively participates in the testing of the product on which he/she is active and ensures that the entire
process is documented in collaboration with the Test & Validation Engineer.


Level of Education and Experience :
* Master's degree or equivalent with a demonstrable link to Software Development/User Experience and/or
Human Factor analyses
* 5+ years of experience in Software Development/User Experience OR 5+ years of experience in Human
Factors analyses linked to Physical Training Solutions
Technical & Business Skills :
* Bio-mechanical engineering
* User Experience/User Interface (UI/UX)
* C/C++/C#/Java/Python
* Knowledge in Machine learning
* Cloud computing
* Mobile development (Android/IOS)
* Unity/Unreal/TensorFlow/.NET framework
* Database (SQL, noSQL,#), REST/SOAP,
Languages :
* French or English as mother tongue
* Excellent knowledge of French or English to communicate internationally
* Dutch is a plus
Specific Skills :
* Critical and analytical thinking
* Creative spirit
* Rigorous
* Autonomous
* Communication skills
* Willingness to innovate and challenge codes

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